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The support system in our music industry is poor – Yaw Berk



The support system in our music industry is poor - Yaw Berk

Our music industry in Ghana has over the period been a type which strongly thrives on growth, and our new set of generation in the music space have really taken advantage of the available tools in this modern era.

Although there are so many other issues our musicians battle with in the music scene, they also seem to have constraints with the people of Ghana not supporting their crafts passionately. Former signee of Highly Spiritual Music, Yaw Berk really poured his heart in a recent interview with Two Stepz on the Hot Quiz Show. The singer emphatically stated how Ghanaians hold other artistes from different countries in high esteem by supporting in the promotion of their songs, but tend to apply low energy in supporting Ghanaian acts. He further cited an example of Apple itunes charts which always portrays Ghanaian music on a low count.

Tap the link below to watch full interview on the Multi CDB channel.




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