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Poor hype on social media, Dr likee plan to beef Lilwin’Kumawood Actor reveals’



Poor hype on social media, Dr likee plan to beef Lilwin’Kumawood Actor reveals’

Popular Kumawood actor, Nana Kofi Wusu known
in the Entertainment industry as Ojohn has
revealed that Ras Nene known as Akabenezer
and Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin beef was planned
for trends.

The two Kumawood Actors Kwadwo Nkansah
Lilwin and Ras Nene known as Akabenezer
became a major topic on social media after the
two colleagues clashed.
A video went viral when Ras Nene Akabenezer
failed to acknowledge Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin’s
greetings when they met at a public event
Speaking in an interview with Osei Kwadwo on
AMBASSADOR TV monitored by, Ojohn explained that “The beef
between Aka Ebenezer and Kwadwo Nkansah
Lilwin was planned just for the trend but the issue
is Lilwin wasn’t aware of the beef”
According to him “Aka Ebenezer planned the beef
and trapped Lilwin but Lilwin fell into it and it went
in favor of Akabenezer. When Lilwin realized he
was trapped, Aka Ebenezer was trending that

“Before Lilwin wasn’t aware the beef was planned
by Akabenezer for trends, he started granting
interviews but Akabenezer decided not to talk
about what Lilwin said about him because he
knew what he planned for and what he wanted to
achieve,’ Ojohn revealed
“I’m not against beef in the industry because it
makes the games interesting and enjoyable. One
person can trap his or her colleague with beef just
for trends and it always happens in the industry”.
“Akabenezer’s beef with Lilwin really helped him
that month because that beef drew people’s
attention to watch Akabenezer and his views
boosted that month,” he said.

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