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OV breaks silence on her addiction to drugs



OV breaks silence on her addiction to drugs

It’s no news that a bunch of our musicians do drugs, but the bottom line is that they are afraid to admit it publicly with the exception of Kwaw Kese and Fameye.
Similarly, Songstress OV born Barbara Naa Okailey Nyarko has been tagged as a drug addict perhaps largely due to her association with drug lords in the music industry.

But in the studios of Accra FM, OV denied her association with anything drugs in chit-chat with Nana Romeo.

“They say you sniff,” said the host, Nana Romeo, a comment that startled OV.

“Ei”, she uttered while indicating she has experienced hiccups that persons spreading such rumours are unaware of, for which reason they have been drawing wrong conclusions.

“You don’t know what I’m going through nor what I’ve been through so I’ll just laugh about it. Some of the comments, they’re just funny”, OV emitted.

Asked to clarify if she indeed takes hard drugs or not, OV responded, “What are hard drugs? Well, there is no iota of truth in that”.


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