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Lack of understanding collapsed our group “Coded of 4×4 revealed”



Lack of understanding collapsed our group “Coded of  4x4 revealed”

Coded speaks on not seconding to 4X4 solo
Coded releases ‘Dada Damoase’
Coded, a member of the music group 4X4, has
detailed the circumstances that led to their split.
The group made up of Captain Planet, Coded and
later Fresh Prince was known for producing
monster hits back in the day. Popular among
them include ‘Waist and Power’, ‘Yesi Yesii’,
‘Womanizer’, ‘Sikletele’, ‘Odo Fitaa’, and ‘World
Trade Center’.
Coded in an April 2022 interview with Andy Dosty
confessed that he was against the move of going
solo but his friends, Planet and Prince had
already made up their minds to embark on
individual projects at a time when they were not
so vibrant.

“I didn’t second it because thought at that time,
the group was not doing too well and we needed
to put our acts together and push the brand to the
top before we do our solo projects… I really tried
to talk them out but it looked like they were good
to do it,” he said in a GhanaWeb monitored
interview on Hitz103.9FM.
It took two years after the breakup of 4X4 before
Coded came out with a single.
Although it seems the award-winning group might
never get back together, their
will forever
be a banger. Not much has been heard from
Fresh Prince, but the two leading members,
Captain Planet and Coded continue to release

“We had a meeting years
back as a group 4X4,
myself, Fresh Prince and Captain Planet that we
are gonna do our solo projects. When we had that
meeting, right there I was the only odd one.
wasn’t for the motion. thought that the group
wasn’t doing too well so doing our separate solo
project wasn’t gonna help the brand 4X4. So I
think we should rather push the group to the top
again so when Planet comes out of the group and
coughs or puts up a single, it’s gonna fly. If Prince
or myself comes up with a single it’s gonna do the
“But the two of them were good that we should
still do solo projects. Around that same time for
like two years I didn’t release a single or song or
whatever. It was just the two of them back and
forth till made the decision that I was gonna
come out with my first single that was ‘Edey Pain
Them’. That was how it all started doing our solo
projects,” Coded explained in an interview monitored by GhanaWeb on HitzFM.

  1. Planet as a solo artiste has a list of songs to his
    credit. They include ‘Kpoli Kpoli’, ‘Akpeteshie’,
    ‘Abodie’ and ‘Say You Love Me’.
    Coded has been promoting his 2022 single ‘Dada
    Damoase’ which was released in February.

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