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Drinking & smoking won’t take you to Hell – Majid Michel



Drinking & smoking won’t take you to Hell – Majid Michel

Celebrated Ghanaian actor-cum-evangelists of God, Majid Michel, has strongly opined that smoking or drinking won’t necessarily take a person to Hell.

Majid Michel dropped this highly debatable sentiment during an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM.

According to him, just because you’re smoking or drinking doesn’t mean you’ll go to hell; nevertheless, after you meet Christ Jesus, you’ll realize both weed and alcohol are useless.

Majid Michel, speaking on the end of the world, remarked that the arrival of Christ is dependent on the manifestation of his word in all of us, not on things coming to an end or disasters occurring on earth.

Many Christians on the internet have rubbished Majid Michel’s stance on the usage of weed and alcohol because according to them, the Bible robustly speaks against them.

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