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Coded 4×4 contact me for insult promo “Afia Schwar reveal”



Coded 4x4 contact me for insult promo “Afia Schwar reveal”
Afia Schwar reveals the secret behind the insult to Coded 4x4

The controversial comedianne, Valentina Abena
Agyeiwaa popularly known as Afia
Schwarzenegger has alleged that Coded of 4 X 4
fame asked her to insult him on live radio.

Coded 4x4 contact me for insult promo “Afia Schwar reveal”

According to her, the musician was willing to pay
her to rain insults on him so his new single
“Dadadamuase” could trend because his single
was not enjoying massive air play.
She however said, Coded couldn’t afford the
charges that came with the job since she charged
the musician 20,000 dollars. She therefore did
him a favour by insulting Coded for free so he
could trend.
Her response comes after social media users
lambasted her behaviour and Abeiku Santana for
allowing a guest to humiliate another guest on his
But Afia Schwazenegger believes Abeiku
Santana did no wrong and should be left alone.

She made this revelation in a video posted on her
Instagram page.
“What is your problem, – was there when Coded
took his phone and called me to insult him
because his song “Daadamuase” was not
trending, I charged him 20,000 dollars which he
couldn’t pay.”
6 | then insulted him for free, now what is your
problem? Coded is not complaining, what has
Abeiku done, why do you people hate Abeiku that
much? He would have been an asset if he was
your family member. You people should mind your
business”, she added.

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